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There is some information about oil painting that I want to keep as permanent content on this site. An
example would be the iodine value for various  oils . All of the permanent  content would be of the most
interest to the other painters who visit .  Information like this can be found in many places, but I just want
this site to be another convenient place  for artist to look and to be able to find it. If you are a painter and
would like to suggest what information should be in here, please send it to me. For now it seems this part of
the Home page,  and the Technical page are the best places to put it.    

                                                                 Drying Oils
The iodine number ( number of grams of iodine absorbed by 100 grams of oil )is frequently used to
classify drying oils. Thus, they are considered as drying if the iodine number is greater than 130,
semi-drying if it is between 115 and 130, and nondrying if it is less than 115. The higher the number
the stronger the paint film.                                                     
&  Sasha

Linseed  oil      - 177 - 189
Walnut oil        - 145 - 154
Poppy oil          - 133 - 143
Sunflower oil    - 125 - 135                           
" Trees "  Giclee print  -  7" x 9"
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    The purpose of this site is to share information on oil painting techniques and materials. In
particular, traditional and representational styles of painting , with this versatile medium. The
question  of how to oil paint is covered on the Demonstration page.  Non artist are welcome and
hopefully will enjoy the Portraits, Surrealism, and Drawings pages. Artist painting in these styles
will want to check out the Demonstration and Technical pages. Queries concerning prices of
giclee prints of any image on the site may be submitted on the Contact page, along with other
comments or suggestions.
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Portrait painting
How to oil paint an apple
"Apple and peanuts"  Giclee print - 7" x 9" image area same as the original
painting. Printed on beautiful, quality, cotton paper and archival inks, with 1"
white border. $25.00 for continental United States . Shipping and handling